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Hospitality isn’t about Me

Faith, Lifestyle

Reflecting on last year’s Thanksgiving dinner… I’ll be honest, I think my intentions going into the event were 1/2 prideful and 1/2 serving. I was so excited to HOST my first Thanksgiving and I wanted to do it ALL. I…

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November 25, 2017

Friendship Requires Time

Friendship, Relationships

This week I took a quick overnight trip to Omaha to see two of my favorite faces. Friends. Sisters. These women know more about me and my heart than most. “When we are together I love that I can just……

The Purpose of this Space


I’ve been dipping my toes in these waters for years…starting my first blog when I was 19. I wrote to share stories as I gallivanted around Western Europe on my study abroad adventure. It was therapeutic and relaxing and made…

Is God Good? What is Happening to our World?


By: Dianne Ennis In looking at our nation and all that is going on around the world, it is safe to say we are at a time in history like we have never seen before. Between blood moons and eclipses…

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Why Ruby has a Passport– A 14 Year Old Prayer


To explain this picture we have to go back… way, way back. I can still feel it—my throat thick, heart pounding. I was only five, but the way the missionaries that Sunday shared about their work in Guatemala did something…

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What is your season of the soul? Spring is coming.

Fire has always frightened me. I can remember the exact stiff, white jeans and frilly top I was wearing the day a controlled burn on our farmland got a mind of its own and hopped fence lines and ditches. It...