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A New Year to Abide


I am a reflector and dreamer—reminiscent of the past, yet eyes wild for the future. So fresh starts, clean slates and new years hold dear places in my heart. There are 100 things I would like to say about 2017….

Unexpected Heralds


Guest Post By: Kendra Broekhuis I feel it important to admit that I’ve often found Luke 2 to be old hat. Be it that I’m far removed from ancient Middle Eastern culture, or that I’ve heard this story as many times…

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Grace for Matt Lauer


Matt Lauer. When I think of 9/11, I hear his voice in my head commentating on the tragic events unfolding before his eyes. When I think of mornings before school as a kid, I can hear his laugh and always…

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Intentional Advent


A Season of Slowing and Serving ‘Tis the season to be…jolly? Or does the month of December tend to make you feel more of the following: Stressed Busy Tired Broke Stuffed Anxious Self-centered Our culture has a way of directing…

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What is your season of the soul? Spring is coming.

What am I thankful for? … A man asks his friend what he is most excited about as the friend awaits the birth of his first child. “I’m excited to have my wife back!” he confesses. The friend, with three...