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Praying with people changes everything

Faith, Relationships

Our church, and its movement / denomination, is pretty passionate about this thing that first left me feeling skin-crawling, sweat- dripping uncomfortable. But now it’s radically upheaving my pride and comfort level and trust and changing everything. Praying WITH people—the…

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Why is Praying for Others so Difficult?
August 4, 2016

Speak it out


Last week we were hot on the trail of a way forward on our journey to live in the Netherlands. (Don’t know about this? I’ll be sharing more throughout week!) It felt like a big easy button that came out…

Speaking Truth to our Children

Faith, Motherhood

As I’ve been thinking more about my own identity and the importance of speaking truth over myself, I’ve been trying to do the same with my girls. When they are cozy in bed or in my arms before they are…

Defend your Identity

Faith, Motherhood, Uncategorized

Preparing for the 8 or .8 inches of snow that are about to come, we decided to hit up the library this afternoon. While trying to make my untamed hair presentable, without thinking much about it, I said “ugh, mommy…

Think like Jesus


I volunteered my Sunday to help an acquaintance with a project. I planned things around it and said no to other things to make it happen. After driving to the project, due to some disorganization and unplanned hang-ups, the project…

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What is your season of the soul? Spring is coming.

Fire has always frightened me. I can remember the exact stiff, white jeans and frilly top I was wearing the day a controlled burn on our farmland got a mind of its own and hopped fence lines and ditches. It...