What I’ve Been Up To… GEN3

Faith, Relationships

After moving to Fort Collins last September I was very unsure of what God had in store. After a few weeks of praying and waiting, I was offered a contracting position with Focus on the Family. I was beyond excited…

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Lessons from the Wolfpack

Faith, Lifestyle, Relationships

A few months after we got married, Steve and I decided it was time to start meeting some other married couples. At the time we were attending a gigantic church, so intentional church-sponsored get-togethers was the only way to meet…

Marriage Sucks– and other lies people told me.


“I’ve heard it sucks.” “Everyone tells me it’s so hard.” “Is it even worth it?” “I’m sure it’s not near as fun as being single.” These are just a few of the comments we received from unmarried friends and acquaintances…

A Living Legacy

Faith, Relationships

This past Tuesday they laid my great-grandma Jennie to rest. Today she rejoices in heaven with the angels. Today she is home— after 98 years of a faithful life, she is home. For several years grandma expressed great concern about…