Grace for Matt Lauer


Matt Lauer. When I think of 9/11, I hear his voice in my head commentating on the tragic events unfolding before his eyes. When I think of mornings before school as a kid, I can hear his laugh and always…

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Intentional Advent


A Season of Slowing and Serving ‘Tis the season to be…jolly? Or does the month of December tend to make you feel more of the following: Stressed Busy Tired Broke Stuffed Anxious Self-centered Our culture has a way of directing…

Hospitality isn’t about Me

Faith, Lifestyle

Reflecting on last year’s Thanksgiving dinner… I’ll be honest, I think my intentions going into the event were 1/2 prideful and 1/2 serving. I was so excited to HOST my first Thanksgiving and I wanted to do it ALL. I…

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The Purpose of this Space


I’ve been dipping my toes in these waters for years…starting my first blog when I was 19. I wrote to share stories as I gallivanted around Western Europe on my study abroad adventure. It was therapeutic and relaxing and made…

Is God Good? What is Happening to our World?


By: Dianne Ennis In looking at our nation and all that is going on around the world, it is safe to say we are at a time in history like we have never seen before. Between blood moons and eclipses…

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