About Alive in Grace

Alive in Grace is a community of women looking to truly live life to its fullest.

Do you ever feel like you have to have it all together? Like you can’t really be YOU, because you is messy?

Alive in Grace is a space that inspires lives of freedom, hope and honesty. 


We live in a world that tries to hold us captive to its constant changing and upgrading norms and expectations. AIG is a community that believes in finding freedom from everything that keeps us from living as the beautiful, purposed women God created us to be. 


Life is hard– we make mistakes, relationships are messy and it’s easy to get lost in the guilt heaped on us by a demanding life. This can leave us feeling frustrated, confused and simply exhausted. AIG is a community that believes God’s grace and goodness can overcome our current situations and bring hope and healing to our burdened hearts. 


Ever get tired of how most lives online are portrayed as perfect, clean and got-it-all-together? We live in a filtered world full of false advertising and hair extensions. AIG is a community that believes in real women sharing honest and real stories intended to challenge and encourage. 

This is a space to be encouraged and to understand what it means to live fully– like you were created to live. You are not meant to be trapped by guilt and shame, fear or busyness…but to be ALIVE in Jesus. 

It is time to stop waiting and start living.

As of right now, I (Chelsey) am the primary author. I hope to grow the writers over time to add more perspective and relateability! Are you interested in writing for Alive In Grace? If so, lean more ***HERE***


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