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Hello! Thanks for stopping by– I hope you find joy and inspiration in these pages. I’m Chelsey, the dreamer behind Alive in Grace. I’m a wife and new mama learning the rhythm of life’s ever-changing pace. I love this crazy story I’ve been given, and writing about it is my way of processing, learning and growing.


Alive in Grace was born out of a fresh revival of my soul about three years ago. After years of knowing a lot about Jesus, I finally stepped into a deeper relationship with Him. I was completely overwhelmed by God’s grace, and for the first time, understood the truth of what that meant for my life. I began to see that Jesus was calling me to be truly ALIVE in Him, through His extravagant grace– to live fully, boldly and conscious of my redeemed place in Him. I had spent so many years trapped in guilt and condemnation, and this breakthrough was like being born again.

I dreamed of creating a space where women will come and be filled up– encouraged and challenged to break free from everything holding them back from being who God created them to be.

My dream is that Alive in Grace will always be a space of freedom, hope and honesty– a destination for women to be encouraged, inspired and drawn closer to Jesus. 


In a world where so much of our lives are lived online– a place that is all too often fake, rude and only revealing of our best moments, Alive in Grace will always be real, raw and honest. It will be a place for real women to encourage other real women. No stories of perfect days or easy Sunday School answers– but instead, truth and authenticity.

And as much as I love the professional pictures above, I love the ones below even more. This is me. Imperfect, unfiltered and messy. My hope is to always be my true self in this place, allowing others to do the same.


A little more about me…

I grew up on a farm in South Dakota and still like to consider myself a country girl.

I received my degree in communication and journalism from a small school in the cornfields of Iowa. Dordt College is where I met the world’s greatest friends, received a fabulous education and happened to stumble upon the good-looking blonde in the pictures above.

My career has journeyed from online marketing to family ministry, and is currently settled on a creative mix of the two. I work from home as a marketing consultant and freelance writer, help lead the Young Adult ministry at our church and manage Alive in Grace.

I have been married for almost five years to my tall, blonde Iowan who teaches me everything I need to know about the outdoors and patience. He is my biggest encourager and the reason this site is even possible. We have a toddler who has turned our lives upside down– but in the most beautiful way. And we are expecting our next baby girl in a few months. We live in the middle of Iowa where my hubby is a Park Ranger and I work from home as a Our #littlelifeontheprairie is everything I never though my life would be…but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I love good beer, all things Dutch, camping, WWII books and laughing.

I hope I can help bring true Grace and encouragement to all those who pass by this blog.

Feel free to reach out at chelsey@aliveinhisgrace.com



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