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March 2018

Are you living as if Jesus is yet to rise from the dead?


During Holy Week eight years ago I visited a Jewish synagogue. The rabbi showed us around and I was captivated by the ornate craftsmanship and architecture. I was in Zwolle, Netherlands and this beautiful, yet simple place of worship was…

Time to surrender

Faith, Family, Motherhood, Relationships

An alternate way in which I measure the age of my children: the length of regrowth from the hair I’ve lost since their birth. These days it feels like I have very little control of the things moving and spinning…

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A psalm for the season of the soul


A few weeks ago I snapped at our kids only minutes after waking up, and my wise husband encouraged me to leave. He felt it coming to a boiling point, and as he watched my emotions and exhaustion begin to…

Baby, write this down


A year ago I sat at the kitchen table of a woman I respect and call friend and mentor. After quickly catching up on each other’s lives, I slid the job description across the table. I felt a rush of…