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February 2018

Trusting God with our kids

Faith, Family, Motherhood, Relationships

Another day of horrific headlines left me wide-awake at 4am Thursday morning. I’ve done a good job of not truly feeling these sorts of events (out of self-protection) by only reading the headlines. But as I waited for my baby…

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All life is to be fought for


Is it our right to have the option to end the life of a pre-born baby whose heart is beating? This is a hot discussion in Iowa today… In my emotional response to today’s headlines and online voices I created…

Praying with people changes everything

Faith, Relationships

Our church, and its movement / denomination, is pretty passionate about this thing that first left me feeling skin-crawling, sweat- dripping uncomfortable. But now it’s radically upheaving my pride and comfort level and trust and changing everything. Praying WITH people—the…

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