Preparing for the 8 or .8 inches of snow that are about to come, we decided to hit up the library this afternoon. While trying to make my untamed hair presentable, without thinking much about it, I said “ugh, mommy is a grease monster.”

My thoughtful toddler on the toilet behind me looked up in confusion.

“You’re not a grease monster. You’re a mommy.”

“No, honey, I look like a grease monster today.” I said with one final, desperate spray of dry shampoo.

“NO.” She said firmly. “You look like mommy.” She tucked her red hair behind her ears and went back to business.

Touché, little nugget.

I love when the Spirit teaches me profound things through the simplest of moments.

I began to think of all the names I call myself– all the words I use to define who I am… even if they seem harmless or trivial. The negative thoughts that cross my mind I let linger instead of fighting off. The words my daughters hear me say about the stubborn baby weight or the way I often dislike my hair or skin. The things I say to doubt my gifts or my abilities or my capability as a wife and mom.

Little ears are listening.

But God reminded me HE is also listening. He hears and hurts for the lies I speak over myself.

/// Defend your identity, child. See yourself how I see you and speak it out. ///

It can be easy to sing, “I am a child of God!” But have we allowed ourselves to soak in the beauty of what that truly means?

What do God’s children look like? What do they say and think about others and themselves? How does that reflect on their Father?

I challenge you to take note of what you think and say about yourself tomorrow. Instead of moving through it, think about it. And if it is a sly whisper from the enemy, squash it with truth. Say it, sing it, shout it over yourself.

Unfortunately yelling truth may not be able to make your hair clean, but that is what hats are for