Ever wish you could just sit down with a counselor (for free) and ask that lingering question that has been on your mind?

Alive in Grace is passionate about equipping marriages to be great. Not just good, but great. Because we believe it is possible for your marriage to bring out the best in you! So, we have been looking for some awesome guest writers with years of experience that could help us out by answering some of our questions–from how to handle a specific situation to how to deal with years of bitterness or disconnection.

We are excited to announce our first resident counselor is Joshua Emery out of Fort Collins, CO. Josh has over 12 years of experience working with youth, families, adults and couples, and even co-wrote an extensive marriage curriculum. Josh is an excellent guy with a big heart and loves the Lord. See more info about him here.

Please submit ANY questions you have about marriage or engagement below and we will send them off to Josh. Josh will provide insight and advice in upcoming posts.

FYI: All questions are completely confidential– even those collecting the answers cannot see who the questions are from!