Let’s start off on the right foot. Alive in Grace is about honesty, right? So today, no filtered header image. Just this. My current desk– my dining room table. Because my actual desk is hiding under the last month(s) of “stuff” that had no where else to go.

If you’ve noticed a lack of fresh posts over the last couple months, it’s because I’ve been working (and working with some talented people who actually understand website development) to unearth this beauty—our new and improved website! AH! I can barely contain my excitement (insert all the emojis). I hope you love it as much as I do. The new website also brings with it a few other changes… read on!

1) Upgraded tagline.

Even more importantly than the website upgrade is the upgrade to our tagline… we added a new word to the core of who Alive in Grace isFREEDOM. Over the last few months I’ve watched which posts received the most traction and conjured up the most emotions and comments. Through this experience I think I was able to put my finger on the one thing women in this space desperately need more of—freedom.

Freedom from mom guilt and singleness shaming, freedom from social media addictions and the crap around their house, freedom from old regrets and unnecessary shame and freedom from feeling the need to keep up with The Joneses and the expectations of our lifestage. We are all just sick of being bound and busy and burdened. We just want to LIVE. And not just any life, but our life. The ones we were created to live and breathe in. This idea is going to be the heartbeat of Alive in Grace, along with HOPE and HONESTY. But freedom…mmhmm let’s get us more of that!

2) New authors & new perspectives.

I realized a few months ago this space is going to get pretty boring if it’s all about me and from my point of view. And so the pulling in of different opinions and perspectives began. Many of you have a story to share, a voice that can be uplifting, encouraging and challenging. And we want to hear it. We want to learn from you and with you. If you have something that you think will bring about FREEDOM, HOPE & HONESTY, please reach out. Part of the DNA of Alive in Grace is vulnerability and openness—so be prepared to not agree with everything you read. I’m not asking you to like or share everything we post, but to read it, think about it and grow because of it. Opening ourselves up to the lives and ideas of others will challenge us to think and and become in ways we can’t on our own.

3) New offerings.

My dream for Alive in Grace is that it grows to feel less like a blog and more like a community— a space with many people to connect with (from a variety of lifestages, backgrounds, locations etc.) and ways to connect with them. This winter we launched our first online book study group (shout out to my 20 guinea pigs who were willing to sail these uncharted seas with me!) and we hope to do more in the future. This next year will also include interactive webinars, weekly encouragement in your inbox (Unfiltered Fridays), exclusive interviews (if I told you we are hosting a live interview with one of the first Bachelorettes and her hubby would you be excited about it?) and much more.

4) Um, is this even a Christian website?

I’m glad you asked, as others have. Alive in Grace will always strive to be a real place bringing real people together who desire real FREEDOM, HOPE and HONESTY in their lives. AIG believes Jesus is the true source of all those things. That doesn’t mean all blogs will end with a Bible verse, but instead our hope is that each post will allow you to grow deeper into who He created you to be and will invite you into a deeper relationship with Him. But if you aren’t a believer, we ask that you stick around. We won’t be preachy, and we hope our content can be uplifting to you as well.

How to stay in the loop…

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A new website is sure to bring some hiccups. If you notice something isn’t right, please don’t hesitate to reach out– chelsey@aliveinhisgrace.com

As always, thank you for checking out our site. And for those of you who have been with me from the beginning, thank you, thank you.

Cheers to the rebirth of Alive in Grace– an evolving idea. May it never be just another blog, but a place you desire to come back to time and time again to be refreshed by honesty, realness and Truth.

In His grace,

Chelsey Nugteren

Founder / Editor, Alive in Grace