***Guest Post***

I am pretty pumped to do something a little different today, and am partnering with Chelsea’s Boutique to give us some fall fashion tips. I have  been following this growing store for a few years now, and am always inspired by their beautiful pieces and dedication to empowering women. They have been generous enough to share with us the top 5 fashion trends for fall, and are giving us a $10 of $50 coupon

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It’s that time of year again! Time to put away the shorts, sandals, and tanks and trade them in for scarves, sweaters, and leggings. Here at Chelsea’s Boutique, this is by far one of our favorite seasons. What season could be possibly be referring to? Well, fall of course! We love all it has to offer with its beautiful colors, pumpkin flavored everything, cozying up with a cup of coffee and a good book, and the best clothes! We’ve taken some time to do a little research on this season’s biggest trends, and what will be some of fall’s “must-haves.”

1. The Colors of Fall

Let’s start off this list with colors. So. Many. Gorgeous. Colors! Summer is always full of beautiful, bright colors, so it’s always a nice change of pace to see darker hues become more popular with the cooler temperatures.

A popular color we’re seeing is taupe. From dresses to skirts, to ankle booties, we are seeing this color in everything. We love to pair it with another popular fall color, olive. These colors are great because they’re so neutral and can work with almost every skin tone.

Another new color we’re seeing a lot of is dusty rose. This is such a stunning color and looks great paired with wine and gray. Rust and spicy mustard are two other must-have colors for fall 2016.

Next time you’re out shopping, give one of these colors a try, you really can’t go wrong!


2. Unique Necklines

One trend we’ve been noticing here at Chelsea’s Boutique and we are absolutely loving are unique necklines.

We’ve been seeing a lot of dresses with a mock neckline. For anyone wondering what the heck a mock neckline is, it’s essentially a combination of a crew neckline and turtle neck. Although it may be a nod to the late 80’s, early 90’s era, we foresee it being a major trend for fall/winter 2016. This is a great style for fall.

We’ve also been seeing a lot of dresses and shirts with unique geometric cutouts. Cutouts were a major trend this summer that we are seeing make the transition into fall, and let us just say, we are totally okay with it!


3. The Poncho Top

Who doesn’t like to be cozy during these cooler months? A great way to stay warm, but still be stylish is by wearing a poncho top.

These oversized tops come in the most heavenly fabrics, making you feel like you’re wrapped in a blanket all day long.

But the best thing about the poncho top? You can pair it with almost anything and you will automatically exude style! One of our favorite ways to wear it is by pairing it with leggings, a blanket scarf, and cute ankle booties.


4. Chokers

Yes, chokers are back! “Ugh, as if!” (Clueless anyone? Is our age showing??) No really, chokers are back and better than ever!

Now when we talk about the choker trend, we are certainly not referring to your 90’s era bright blue eyeshadow, and butterfly clips choker. We are talking about one of the chicest trends of this season.

Wear a choker by itself with a plunging neckline dress or top, or use it as a layering piece and pair it with other necklaces as well.


5. Suede shoes

Suede is EVERYWHERE this season; however, we are loving it the most with shoes.

We’ve seen everything from suede booties to suede flats, to suede wedges, and we can’t get enough of it.

This season, get outside of your comfort zone and find a great pair of colored suede booties to spice up all of your outfits!

The best thing about the trends we are seeing this upcoming fall season is that they are trends that everyone can wear without getting too crazy. It seems like everyone can find something that fits their style while still being right on trend. Take one of these trends this season, and make it your own!