I’m a few weeks late for the beginning of wedding season (how is it already July?) but if you are like me, you still have several wedding festivities to go.

I’ll admit, lately I’ve been a horrible wedding gift giver. I usually forget altogether, or end up making a panicked trip to Target on the way to the wedding… while hubby sits in the car watching the clock. I made a goal for myself this year to be better about giving gifts, and not just aimlessly plucking things off the registry (because c’mon, that’s what everyone does!), but good, thought-out gifts.

I asked a few of my friends to share their favorite weddings gifts, and came up with a few myself to create this list. Enjoy!

1. A stamp with the newlywed’s address on it. This would be handy for all those thank-yous! Shutterfly makes these. 

2. Gift cards to restaurants or movie theaters near the happy couple. Free date night!

3. A family name sign from Worded Wonder Co. A friend of mine hand makes these, and is extremely talented and reasonably priced. Here’s one she did for me 🙂


4. A journal. Write a little card saying it is for the couple to write down their memories. We have one of these and LOVE it. There have definitely been seasons where we write more than others (pretty sure my last entry was about my daughter’s birth…) but we love to pull this out every now and then. We write random stuff like the price of gas, what we are currently involved in, who our friends are any noteworthy stories. If it’s this fun to look back now, I can’t imagine how fun it will be as the years go on.

5. A monogrammed cheese board with a gift card to local cheese shop.

6. A  map of the world with 3 sets of different colored pins– 1 for the husband to pin where he has ben, 1 for the wife and 1 for where they travel together.

7. 5 different bottles of wine/champagne: *1 for the wedding night, *1 for (after or during…) the first big fight, *1 for 1st anniversary, *1 for birth of first child and *1 for 10 year anniversary. You can change these up, but I just heard of this the other day and thought it was great. Each bottle of wine included a personalized note of encouragement/congratulations.

8. Couples massage gift card. Umm, who wouldn’t want this?

Do you have a creative gift idea or one that you love to give? Please share!