Alive in Grace was born out of a fresh revival of my soul about 3 years ago. It came from a place of being completely overwhelmed by God’s grace, and for the first time, understanding the truth of what that meant for my life. I began to see what it meant to be truly ALIVE in Jesus, through His extravagant grace– to live fully, boldly and conscious of my place in Him. I had spent so many years trapped in guilt and condemnation, and this breakthrough was like being born again.

I wanted to find a way to share what I was learning, and started this blog as my first step.

Three years have passed and this blog has always been a space for me to share what God is doing in my heart and in my life. But there has always been a longing for it to be more…more than just me and my story.

After years of wondering what that might look like, everything is finally starting to take shape–meaning now must be the time.

The time to take a bold step.

My dream is for Alive in Grace to be a destination for women to be encouraged, inspired and, through the stories of others, drawn closer to Jesus. 

My dream is that it will always be a space of grace, hope and honesty. In a world where so much of our lives are lived online– a space that is all too often fake, rude and only revealing of our best moments, Alive in Grace will always be real, raw and honest. It will be a place for real women to encourage other real women. No stories of perfect days or easy Sunday School answers– but instead, truth and authenticity.

I have spent countless hours over the past few weeks planning and getting lost in the black hole of website building details, and I know each moment is not in vain. I am so thankful for all of the endless encouragement from many followers and friends to press on and make Alive in Grace what it is meant to be.

Thank you. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to follow me on this journey. Will you help me with the next step? I created a survey to help me understand how I can build forward. It should only take 5 minutes and will help me immensely. (FYI: the survey is for women only :D)

I appreciate you.

Will you follow me as I chase this dream?

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