{RECESS} they called it. I didn’t understand. They told me it was going to feel like I was a little kid on the playground.

Honestly, I doubted it.

6-7am, four days a week didn’t sound like recess to me. I mean, I’m a morning person, but I can’t say I love getting out of bed during the 5 o’clock hour. Yet, four mornings a week of prayer & worship sounded like something I needed, so despite my doubts, I decided to give it a try.

I had no idea this summer “activity” was going to change my life.

For several weeks, I met Monday-Thursday mornings with 10(+) 20-something women here in Fort Collins. Each morning two Spirit-filled women led us into deeper intimacy with the Creator of the universe through prayer and worship.

This was the first “Bible Study” I was a part of that wasn’t centered around delectable appetizers or socialization. Instead, this time was meant for each woman to personally glorify and encounter God.

And I did.

Those mornings gave me a snapshot of what it may have looked like to be a part of the early church. The Holy Spirit wasn’t just mentioned; He was GLORIFIED, praised and invited in.

I saw spiritual gifts in action like I had never witnessed before. Women were prayed over, prophesied over…


For the first time in my life, the ancient, bearded God I had been worshiping came ALIVE to me. He was active—tangible. His Spirit wasn’t just a part—a segment of a perfect triangle— He was GOD, and a necessity to my daily life.

(I could go on and on about the power and the tragically forgotten power of the Holy Spirit, but instead, if you want to read more, check out this post)

This summer… well, I don’t know where to even begin. I have learned more than I bargained for. God has been so present, and the lessons I have been learning have been crystal clear:

Abandon pride. (My biggest barrier I faced entering into true worship.)

Live selflessly.

STOP working for money.

You are already IN My will…look around you.

Stop trying to get ahead of yourself.

Stop trying to get ahead of Me.

Steward what I have already given you.

I have you.

I am protecting you.

I am your Provider.

I am Healer.

I love you.

This is just a start.

This summer revealed 4 life-changing things:

  1. How I have quenched the Holy Spirit for so many years, and how God desires to communicate with and through ME. I had lived my life believing His voice could only be heard by the “holy”, but the truth is, God wants to have deep, intimate relationships with each one of us.
  2. How POWERFUL and present He is. He is not only a God of the past, He is the God of the present. The stories of miracles from the Bible can happen today– in our lives and in our churches. He is active and desires to work through us– we just need to fearlessly invite Him in.
  3. Intimacy requires investment. For months leading up to Recess, I prayed for God to work through me and in me. I begged to hear His voice, and yet spent only a few minutes with him each day. This summer, I learned to seek His presence and glorify Him through intentional time. Of course, we can seek and find Him in the small moments after meals or before bed, but when we are actively drawing near to Him through worship, prayer, or just acknowledging His presence, we train ourselves to hear His voice.
  4. Christian Community is crucial. So many lives were changed this summer because two brave leaders stepped out in faith to what God had called them to do. Sure, it seemed a little nuts, but they heard God’s call and responded. In community, we encountered God together. Our prayers for one another were answered and our edification and encouragement for one another was life-changing. I had tried to live in my own little bubble for months, and this summer reminded me of the importance of the body!  These bold, passionate women will forever hold a special place in my heart.

This morning it was time to say goodbye before Steve and I pack up our belongings and head for Iowa. Although this “Bible study” wasn’t about fellowship, I have never felt more connected to a group of people I’ve only known for a few short months. When we experience Christ with others, something indescribably deep happens.

My prayer is that I can take everything I learned this summer and pass it on.  I want to find a community where we do more than just talk about God, but experience Him together. I want to make intentional time with God a priority, not a possibility.

As they prayed over me for Steve and my upcoming adventure, I was filled with unspeakable joy, gratitude and hope.

A little phrase popped into my mind, one that I have felt before many of our transitions:

There is a hope in the air, a beat on repeat, an undeniable rhythm, something good, something bright about today. Thank you Jesus for life, love, and your saving Grace! — feeling excited.

Sadly you can't see their beautiful faces. But this was my farewell huddle this morning :)

Sadly you can’t see their beautiful faces. But this was my farewell huddle this morning 🙂

Iowa, here we come.