Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers

As an introspective, sentimental and reminiscent person, this is one of my favorite times of the year. I love to look ahead, dream and envision what might be ahead, but even more so, I love to look back, count blessings and see God’s hand.

I won’t bore you with the details of what I hope for the future. I hope for a lot of things and I dream big dreams for Steven and me. Some days I can barely sit still when I think about the possibilities.

But looking back and tracing our path, connecting dots, and watching in awe as I see how God gracefully orchestrated our year, well, that is where I can elaborate. 2013 was good year. I wouldn’t have expected a year ago that we would be living in Fort Collins, that Steve would have 2 new jobs and that I would be working from home. I love life’s journeys! As I reflect today I see God’s fingerprints layered on choices we made, lessons we learned and blessings we received. His goodness melts my heart today and deeply humbles me.

All to often I think New Year’s Eve gets celebrated incorrectly. We stay up late, celebrating the year past and wake up the next day with extravagant expectations of ourselves: lose weight, be a better person, spouse, or friend, read more, pray more, and the list goes on.

When January 2 roles around, you are still you and I am still me. We haven’t morphed into super-person, and we already feel slightly defeated. It’s cold, Christmas is over, and visions of the skinnier, nicer person we may have dreamed of seem pretty far off.

This year, try a new approach…

Instead of setting lofty goals and unrealistic expectations, spend some time thinking of the past year.  Get a blank piece of paper and make a list of the year’s highlights. Close your eyes and let yourself relive some of those moments—see how they changed and grew you.  Let the blessings sink in and remind you of God’s goodness. Of course, everything in 2013 wasn’t a piece of cake, but see how God carried you through and sustained you with His strength. Don’t feel that way? Talk to Him about it and ask for His peace today.

When thinking of the year to come, be easy on yourself. Instead of making too many specific goals and resolutions, craft a statement that flows from your heart’s deepest desire. How do you want to grow? What do you want to learn? Create your 2014 mission statement for your life and bring it straight to Jesus. Type it up and pin it in your office, bedroom, bathroom mirror, or wherever as a daily reminder.

When you wake up January 2 feeling a bit defeated, remember Whose you are. Remember that in your own strength you will fail and ask Jesus for His help, even in the smallest situations.

My 2014 Mission Statement:

I desire to continue to be more in-step with Jesus—that I can hear the Holy Spirit guiding me and respond willingly to His call.  I will lavish His love on those around me and ask daily that I become more like Jesus– ridding me of selfishness and pride.  I will represent Christ in body, actions and speech. I will remember whose I am—A daughter of The King.

What is your 2014 Mission Statement?