I have been writing a lot about the journey to today, the final day. I wrote about what this experience meant to me and how God shaped our path to get here. I wrote about the struggle of packing up our life and planting it in a new city. I wrote about how excited I was for the future and what it was going to be like to follow our dreams. I wrote about it all, and now it’s here- my last day with Focus on the Family.

Today feels like some strange graduation without the robes and ceremonial prelude. Instead, this graduation is happening quietly, in our basement apartment with an introspective Greg Laswell serenade on Pandora.

I’m more sentimental than most, and for me, days like today don’t slip away without replaying memories, and reminiscing the journey of how we even got here. I won’t bore you with the million “what’s next?” thoughts in my mind, but I will share these wise words from my favorite person in the world (with the help of someone at the Hallmark factory).

“God works through you in beautiful ways.

He’s always putting you right where He needs you to be.

And you’re always doing what He needs you to do.”

Today at 5 when I close my work computer and send off a teary-eyed farewell email, I have to choose to believe those words. I believe them now, but when Monday morning rolls around, those words need to remain true.

A good friend of mine who has encouraged me through this process reminds me daily “God is never late, Chelsey. He doesn’t make mistakes and His timing is perfect. “

My definition of perfect timing would have included a full-time job that started Monday morning. He seems late today, but today and in whatever days or weeks lie ahead, I’m going to choose to believe Jesus has my back on this one—that He has it figured out. I will continue to apply, and call, and show up on random businesses doorsteps with a smile and a resume. I will check my email 100x a day and have my phone on loud. I will do my part in prayer and persistence and believe He will do the rest.

What are you waiting on?

Do you truly believe “He’s always putting you right where He needs you to be. And you’re always doing what He needs you to do”

Yeah, I don’t always either. But when I let those words sink in and and remember I have a creator who has planned each of my days, and sees my tomorrows, and knows exactly how much hair I have left after these last two crazy months, I feel peace knowing He has good things planned– really good things.


hallmark card