It took three months to figure out how Steve and I were going to manage November. We had two weddings in two different states on back-to-back weekends. Back when we were making these plans we had no idea we would be in Fort Collins or that I would be jobless. It actually couldn’t have happened any better.

I first traveled to Omaha where I spent a weekend with my college girl friends, cheering on our Michaela as she became a wife to her love, Zach. It is always a true joy to be with these girls who have helped shape me into the woman I am today. We may be scattered throughout North America, but when we get together it’s like we are 19 again…sisters, roommates, and so much more.

Kay's Wedding

I then spent several days with my family in South Dakota. I snuggled my nephews and precious niece, cooked with my mom, introduced my dad to Chopped, hung out with my siblings, and enjoyed the farm life. There truly is no place like home. These days are gifts, and seeing how quickly my family is growing and changing, I can’t take an hour for granted.

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On Thursday I finally met up with my long lost husband in Des Moines. IA. We had a great weekend in Steven’s hometown of Pella, IA with his family, and Steve had the pleasure of standing up in the wedding of a long-time friend.

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Finally back in (warmer) Colorado.

Instead of feeling depressed this morning as Steve headed back to work and I stayed behind with my coffee and slippers, I feel completely overwhelmed. These past 10 days were a whirlwind of blessing—friends, family, travel, weddings. The future is becoming a little clearer, but today clarity doesn’t matter. I will press on and not take a second for self-pity. If I had a job, I wouldn’t have had these last two weeks. God knows what He is doing and knew I needed that time– He knew that after two months of working from my dingy basement office, I needed 10 days of people, hugs, smiles, and home.

Thank you Jesus, for knowing my needs better than I do.