This transition has been an interesting one. I have been given a lot of time to think about what I really want to do and how I want to use my gifts and passions. Thankfully I’m not being rushed into anything, and I feel extremely blessed to have this refreshing time to think and pray.

But what on earth do I want to do? I feel like I’m 21 again—just graduated from college, ready to conquer the world, but absolutely no idea where to begin.

I have been challenging myself to really strip away all the stuff that may have been clouding my vision—money, fear, skill, etc. What do I really want to do? What makes my heart pound, makes work fun, and brings true joy to my life?

This weekend Steve and I went out for coffee with my long lost cousin, Tricia. As we caught up, she told us how much she loved her job, but she didn’t need to – it was obvious. As I listened to her explain what she did, her face lit up with pure joy and passion. Saying she loved her job wasn’t just something she said, I could tell it was something she actually did.

I want that.

That is what I am looking for.

Although I think this joy can be achieved by finding yourself in a job that fits your perfectly, I realize it is also a choice. We moved out here for Steve to take a step in his career, not complete it. Life is journey, and at 24 we can’t expect to be in our ideal destination…I mean how boring would that be!? That means we have to find the joy in this stage of life. We may not love what we do every day, but we know it is a season, a step to what is next.

Yet this is not an excuse to live complacently. I think it is important to continually be asking God “what next?”, seeking ways to use the gifts He has given (even if it isn’t in your formal job), and pushing yourself beyond what you think might be possible.

So, I guess this is really a few things…

1)      Are you doing what you LOVE and feel passionate about what do?

2)      If you aren’t quite there yet, are you able to find joy where you are now?

3)     How do you find a healthy balance between contentment and seeking the future?

I would love some advice on the 3rd one! Please feel free to leave a comment.

Life is too short to be lived without passion. I won’t do it.