This past Sunday morning I found myself trying to decide if I should begin perusing the black hole of info on my iPhone or if I should roll over, snuggle up to my husband, and sleep longer. After about a minute of weighing my options, I realized there might possibly be something wrong with me that this was even a decision to ponder. Which had me thinking, am I alone in this?

Over iPhone (or, I guess, Droid… if you are into that sort of thing) usage has been a topic I have desired to dig into and write about for a long time now, and each time I hear Steven say “Chelsey, are you seriously on Pinterest again?!” I think, hmm, I need to write about this.

Sunday morning was the tipping point, and I started to do some research. Before I unwrap all I discovered, I would like to do a quick survey of my own.

Please take 2 minutes to take the quick survey below and help me uncover some of this stuff we all might be dealing with.

Male or female? Doesn’t matter. I want your input!

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